The Top 3 benefits of using AR in training

January 30, 2019

If you’re unfamiliar with AR (augmented reality) you might be surprised to know that yourself along with millions of others own an AR ready device, that is, if you own a recently released smartphone produced by either Android or Apple. Whereas VR (virtual reality) creates a virtual world in which players can interact with, AR overlays and works with the real world.

In the past we’ve spoken about virtual reality training but what about AR training? Training has always looked to the latest and greatest technology, from video, DVD, home computers and even games technology and gamification. With the advent of augmented reality technology with AR headsets and mobile AR, will there also be a rise of AR being used in training? And what are the potential benefits?

Mobile AR

As mobile AR is being used more and more by consumers via apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat , augmented reality is fast taking over mobile phone usage, with businesses and enterprises have looked to take advantage of these apps’ success. With the rate of engagement of mobile phone users, there is an opportunity to take advantage of this for training purposes. As I mentioned earlier, all around the world, so many people have AR ready devices in their back pocket. So, for AR training, most people have the tools they need. It goes without saying that those people who use smartphones are already more familiar with how to use their own mobile phones in comparison to other traditional training equipment.

Using mobile phone technology is also cheaper as most employees already have their own mobile phone in which to download the software training onto. Rather than have complex equipment for solely training purposes, you can use mobile phone technology as a hardware solution.

Mobile AR also can interact with the real world, opening a world of possibilities for onsite training. For example, take the construction industry, what if you had an application that could measure out a construction site before providing onsite training through text, video and animation based on the employee’s location. This brings another benefit as well, through mobile AR technology, people can receive training anywhere and at anytime as trainers are not necessarily needed. Most AR applications use virtual assistance, with AR training apps able to use the same method to provide virtual trainers easily.

mobile ar


Augmented reality training also has massive potential to be more effective as a training tool in comparison to traditional training methods. For one, if you look at the amount of time users engage with AR applications, there’s a point to make that AR can be a great engagement tool for educators and businesses.

There are various ways to engage users with AR training, for example you could have animated video, text and images, all overlaying existing real-world elements. Take different pieces of equipment that employees need trained with, if an AR app overlays the piece of equipment, you could train people on that equipment independently.

On the other hand, you could create a game based on a learning objective or a skill you want your employees to develop. Training using gamification techniques is nothing new and has proven to be an effective technique to train individuals. Combining proven gamification techniques and AR to increase engagement, results in effective AR training.

ar headset

Safe and Remote Training

Augmented reality training is also safer with the ability for trainees able to be educated offsite. This is especially good for industries that deal with sometimes dangerous or life-threatening situations. By training without these hazards, AR education can be used in sectors ranging from the healthcare industry to the oil and gas industry.

By having remote training, those in rural areas for example can train whilst using their phone without the need for an onsite trainer. For example, someone working on an oil rig could use their phone or AR headset to train onsite. Potentially a trainer offsite could overlay information and speak to the trainee on the oil rig by connecting to their camera on their headset or phone and ‘seeing what they see’.

ar headset

Like VR training, AR training can train people in a more engaging and effective way that is both cost effective and safe. Here at Pocket Sized Hands, we’re interested in exploring augmented training and how gamification and AR can train people for your business.

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