AR Business Opportunities

July 8, 2019

Like virtual reality, augmented reality can provide the tools to create opportunities for your business and make your business more cost effective and profitable. Augmented reality can have an impact on the effectiveness of your products and services for a range of different industries. From marketing to engineering, AR can make your work processes more efficient. Let’s explore just a few of the industries that AR can impact.


There are countless ways in which to market your business with augmented reality. The rise of social media platforms such as Snapchat aswell as the advent of Mobile AR has led the way for marketers to utilise AR technology. Social Media services like Instagram and Snapchat have been using ‘filters’ which overlay 3D objects over photos taken by users. Companies such as Taco Bell, MTV, Gatorade and Netflix all have used either Snapchat or Instagram to market their products. The movie X-Men used Snapchat filters to takeover Snapchat for an entire day whilst Taco Bell created a filter for Cinco De Mayo which was viewed 224 million times. AR is hugely engaging to people and requires little to no technical knowledge to operate, an application like the mobile AR powered IKEA app is a simple and easy method to engage people with your product or business.

Snapchat AR


The architecture industry has always benefited from advances in technology, whether that be CAD software or virtual reality visualisation. AR can overlay architectural models over existing environments and present visualisations to stakeholders in an engaging and clear way. Using AR technology enhances architectural designs which in comparison to basic blueprints or 3D models don’t do designs justice. Our own project, Follingsby Max AR serves as a great example of how AR can serve the architectural sector. Follingsby Max is an AR mobile application which allows users to interact with a 3D realisation of the Follingsby Max building. Users trigger this AR interaction with a ‘marker’ in the form of a blueprint of Follingsby Max. The building comes to life as a 3D model as it grows out of the physical blueprint. Users can interact with the building by moving around it and inspecting the 3D model from all angles.


Utilising new technology like the Microsoft HoloLens can significantly improve your business by providing the necessary tools both on and offsite. AR headsets such as the HoloLens are an amazing piece of technology that can help with onsite instruction and training. Through augmented reality technology, experienced and trained individuals can see a feed of what an onsite worker is seeing using AR headsets such as the Microsoft HoloLens. By having access to what they are seeing, those offsite can provide support such as for example repairs and refitting’s on an oil rig. Training can also be provided in a similar way with a trainer or more experienced individual remotely assisting a junior to train them easier and cheaper. Training can also be ehanced with information showing up as a overlay on top of the machinery they are working on.

engineering ar


Education is currently now competing for engagement with smartphones, with most young people using their smartphones to communicate and interact with one another. What if rather than competing with the smartphone, smartphones were taken advantage of by using a mobile AR app like Google Expedition to engage with young people? Google Expedition is a mobile AR app that is used alongside a Google Cardboard headset which users can virtually visit different environments. For science subject’s DNA and gene strands can be visualised and explored in augmented reality. Google Expedition has proven to be an effective engagement and educational tool in classrooms.

ar education

Augmented Reality is an incredibly engaging tool that can improve your business. Whether that’s marketing your products through social media to millions to providing tools to train and assist workers.

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