How Virtual Reality is revolutionising the Oil and Gas industry

October 2, 2018

The Oil and Gas industry is an incredibly complex, controlled industry which deals with a large amount of health and safety guidelines and compliance issues. Oil and Gas companies spend large sums of money on training new and existing employees to make them familiar with equipment and facilities. There are many challenges those working in the oil and gas industry face and VR has proven to be an effective tool to tackle some of these challenges. VR has made the oil and gas industry safer, more efficient and cost effective as it’s proven to be a flexible tool to deal with a wide range of problems.

revolutionising the oil and gas industry

Virtual Reality Training

Training for the Oil and the Gas Industry is one of the biggest expenses of Oil and Gas companies and millions have been spent on researching the most effective and cheapest training methods for Oil and Gas industry employees. Individuals need to have initial training when joining a company, this includes both training how to use new equipment, health and safety training, compliance training etc. VR is a simple solution to this problem as VR has already been used to train employees in multiple industries, from the food industry to the aviation industry . The Oil and Gas Industry has already adopted VR to train personnel and it’s proving to be a cost-effective and effective training tool. VR can provide a more hands-on approach to training with trainees able to immerse themselves in 3D visualisation of oil rigs and other facilities. This is far more effective to traditional training methods such as videos or other training tools

revolutionising the oil and gas industry

Remote Assistance

Another massive challenge for the oil and gas industry comes with the remote locations of facilities. This causes problems with new personnel being assigned to facilities with no familiarity with their new temporary or permanent workspace. For the architecture industry , 3D walkthroughs in VR have been effective, this has applications within the oil and gas industry as well. Equipment, facilities themselves and other objects and environments have been rendered in 3D and displayed to visiting technicians who need to repair equipment or new rig workers to familiarise themselves with their new work environment. For repairing equipment in off-shore locations, this saves money on technicians having to re-visit sites to try and repair equipment multiple times.

revolutionising the oil and gas industry

The Future of Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industries face multiple challenges, from dealing with remote facilities to training new employees and making sure existing personnel are kept in practice and updated with the newest compliance guidelines. VR is a flexible, immersive and hands-on approach to the various problems the oil and gas industry face currently as well as any other issues they may face in the future.
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