AR and VR in the food industry

September 24, 2018

Augmented and virtual reality are currently two of the fast-growing technologies with more and more consumers using AR and VR applications on their mobile phones and other devices. Industries ranging from the construction industry to the aviation industry are using augmented and virtual reality technology in business applications. The restaurant and catering industries are no different with the use of AR and VR being slowly introduced in these industries. Let’s explore how AR and VR is being used to better visualise and design in the food industry.

VR and AR in food

Magnolia Bakery in New York are using AR to present customers with a cake menu with visualisations of different cakes being viewable through a smartphone or tablet. For high end cake makers, this is an amazing tool as customers can get a realistic visualisation of the cake before spending quite a substantial amount. This is a good example of how AR is a great marketing and customer engagement tool.

Ever sat down in a restaurant, saw something on the menu that looked tasty, ordered it and it looked completely different? With AR this is no problem, as burger chain Bareburger is using AR to visualise menu items through Facebook and Snapchat. The application uses QR codes and snapchat to displays burgers and other food items on a customer’s phone. Using AR and snapchat allows Bareburger to both market towards potential customers and visualise and present food items for their existing customers.

Augmented reality in food industry

VR is amazing technology that can immerse players in rich worlds. What if these immersive worlds were part of a dining experience? Sublimotion are using VR to create a dining experience like no other. Using the Samsung Gear VR, diners can immerse themselves in unique worlds together to enhance their dining experience.


The food industry much like other industries are turning to VR to better train their staff. Using VR, Honeygrow are using 360 degrees viewing and VR headsets to create an onboarding process for their new hires. The new hires learn about how the company is run from watching 360 degree videos of existing employees in VR. Employees learn about the timings of cooking noodles to assembling salads properly. VR has proven time and time again that is a cheap and effective training tool for new and experienced employees.

Virtual reality use in food industry

Myo Studios are looking to create the very first VR food blog. Myo Studios want to provide first person virtual assistance to people who want to learn how to cook. Using photographs of real-life food items and generating 3D models from those photos, Myo Studios want to visualise food so that anyone with a VR headset can experience high end meals.

VR and AR can and have been used in the restaurant industry to design, visualise, advertise and train consumers and employees. VR and AR as you can discover from viewing our portfolio can be used in multiple industries including the catering and restaurant industries.

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