The 5 Biggest AR Trends In 2019

Augmented Reality has become a massive part of our everyday lives, from playing games such as Pokémon Go to interacting on social media with Instagram and Snapchat filters. In this blog we’ll look to the future and discuss the biggest trends in 2019 in the augmented reality space. Mobile AR The mobile AR market is large and will continue to expand in 2019. The fact that hundreds of millions of people own a smartphone of some kind means that there are hundreds of millions of people already with AR ready devices.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Wearable AR

With an ever-expanding catalogue of AR devices in production it is easy to get lost in a world of new Augmented technology. The market boils down to a few main types Augmented Reality of devices right now: Wearables, Mobile AR and Projection AR. Market trends show that 2018 could be an impact year for Wearable AR Technology and it’s hard not to be excited about it. Microsoft’s HoloLens was definitely one of 2017’s standout Wearable devices and is still impressing today.

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