What is Telehealth? And how AR and VR is expanding it!

Telehealth is the use of technology, either internet or phone technology to assist in the healthcare of remote patients. Primarily, it involves the exchange of data so that doctors and other medical professionals can better treat and monitor patients with long term illnesses. This comes in the form of check-ups through telephone or video conferencing software, reminders to patient as well as live monitoring of patients. We’ve spoken about VR’s usage in the healthcare sector , with its ability to train medical professionals and treat mental health issues.

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5 Ways That VR Can Be Used in Therapy

Mental health is a massive issue, with many people suffering from some sort of mental health issue. In the past we’ve spoken about using VR in the healthcare industry, mentioning VR’s use in exposure therapy. VR can treat multiple different mental health disorders, from agoraphobia to arachnophobia. In this blog, we’ll explore just 5 of the many ways in which VR can be used in therapy to help patients with mental health issues.

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