VR Business Opportunities

In the past we’ve spoken about how VR can have application in various businesses from architecture, education, games, healthcare etc. In this blog we’ll explore various other different businesses and how VR can change those businesses. Architecture Architecture has long used 3D visualisations to design and visualise architectural designs. Used within VR, architectural visualisations can communicate designs to potential clients by immersing themselves within the architecture itself. Pocket Sized Hands has previously worked on Driving Vision, Driving Vision is a VR visualization tool that allows Architects and City Planners to present design options through an immersive and communicative experience.

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Top 3 Educational Subjects that will Benefit from VR

Education in games is serious business and with VR newly on the horizon, we list our top three subjects that will truly benefit from taking advantage or the latest Virtual Reality technology. LANGUAGE It is well reported that the best way to learn a new language is by immersing yourself in it. But often we don’t have the luxuries of being able to visit different countries for a long period of time to get the benefits of immersive learning.

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