Medical Training

The Top 3 benefits of using AR in training

If you’re unfamiliar with AR (augmented reality) you might be surprised to know that yourself along with millions of others own an AR ready device, that is, if you own a recently released smartphone produced by either Android or Apple. Whereas VR (virtual reality) creates a virtual world in which players can interact with, AR overlays and works with the real world. In the past we’ve spoken about virtual reality training but what about AR training?

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What is Telehealth? And how AR and VR is expanding it!

Telehealth is the use of technology, either internet or phone technology to assist in the healthcare of remote patients. Primarily, it involves the exchange of data so that doctors and other medical professionals can better treat and monitor patients with long term illnesses. This comes in the form of check-ups through telephone or video conferencing software, reminders to patient as well as live monitoring of patients. We’ve spoken about VR’s usage in the healthcare sector , with its ability to train medical professionals and treat mental health issues.

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Healthcare in VR and AR

The healthcare sector is utilizing technology more and more from X-Rays using cathode tubes in the 1800s to, the present day where robotics are being used in complex surgeries. We’ve written in the past about how AR and VR has a part to a play in our daily lives, healthcare is no different. Here are 5 different ways AR and VR have been used in the healthcare sector. Exposure Therapy Exposure therapy involves those living with anxieties or stressors facing their condition in a controlled manner without any danger to themselves.

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