Interior Design

Architecture and AR

When people think about augmented reality, most think about Pokemon Go or Snapchat . AR has various uses though; visualisation and marketing are just a couple of different ways AR can improve various industries around the world, the architecture industry is no different. Augmented Reality or AR consists of digital objects that integrate and interact with the real world. An example of an augmented reality technology is a recent project by Pocket Sized Hands, Follingsby Max AR.

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How will Virtual and Augmented reality impact the construction industry

AR and VR can help to visualise, train and collaborate cheaper and more effectively than traditional methods in most sectors. The construction sector is yet another sector that will see big changes with the use of AR and VR technology. The biggest challenge that the construction industry is facing is visualizing and experiencing a construction project before it’s built. Any design changes that happen when construction begins can be costly and time consuming for construction and architectural companies.

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Design Workflows in VR and AR

VR and AR are already starting to have an impact in many design workflows, we talked in a previous blog about the use of VR and AR in product design here, today we’ll go more in depth in this area and other design use cases, discussing the advantages, and how you can get started using some of these tools on devices you may already have. Product Design Similarly to how 3D printing has transformed the manufacturing industry, VR and AR will rapidly improve and speed up the prototyping phase of product design when integrated into the workflow.

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