Air Traffic

How Virtual and Augmented reality will impact the aviation industry

Aviation has become a normal part of life for most, with air travel being as accessible as ever. In the past decades commercial aviation has gotten cheaper and easier through the advancement of technology and engineering. Training, entertainment and navigation have all benefited from the advancement of technology, with the advent of VR and AR technology, this is no different. Augmented and virtual reality could drastically change the aviation sector and has already made a big impact.

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Building Games That Help Air Traffic Control

If you’ve not heard of Gamejams, read on. NATS has, and they’ve been discovering just how much fun we have at Pocket Sized Hands – where we make games! Gamejams usually take place over 20-40 hours in which developers team up to create games and tackle new design ideas based around a certain theme. NATS, with Abertay, recently hosted Serious Gamejam 2017, giving us the opportunity to create a prototype application focusing on education and how air traffic controllers work in an everyday environment, including the hazards and problems they may encounter.

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