Everything You Need To Know About The Hololens

HoloLens Released on March 30th, 2016, the Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality headset which runs on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality software platform based on the Windows 10 operating system. Inspired by the technology seen within Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, the HoloLens are smart glasses that overlays objects and elements over the players vision. Using AR technology,the Microsoft HoloLens has been marketed towards businesses and enterprise. The HoloLens can impact businesses due to the headsets numerous applications, with the HoloLens able to train individuals, provide on-site guidance, visualise products for training and marketing purposes and allow people to work collaboratively in the same space.

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Your guide to VR, AR and MR

With a lot of new technology being launched every year it can be hard to stay on top of all of it. Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality (MR) been the most prevalent of the new devices and applications. Here’s your guide to what each technology is and what it can do. Virtual Reality (VR) Brought into the mainstream by companies like Oculus, HTC and Samsung, virtual reality involves the user being completely immersed, with the use of a headset and sophisticated control mechanisms, into a new digital reality.

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